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Dan Clark, Owner/Trainer
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About Bar23 Horses

At Bar23 Horses our guests will experience the majestic relationship that comes from being around horses. Not only can a horse become our companion but they can teach us valuable lessons in life. We learn the art of patience, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, justice, and freedom. It is our opinion, that horses are one of the finest creatures on the planet and relating to them can fill our hearts with unsurpasable joy and peace.

Our focus has always been on the education and promotion of the equine. Whether you've owned horses for 20 years or you've never ridden one before, we can help you develop a better relationship with them. When we work with horses we  often learn to develop skills within ourselves that have never been exposed. We become challenged to better ourselves so we can better our horses. That is why we believe horsemanship is so valuable. 
Dan has been working with and training horses for over 20 years. He has trained over 600 horses in his career, all from various backgrounds. He excels in colt starting and problem solving. He has trained virtually every breed common in the U.S. including driving and cart horses. 
Committed to helping horse lovers achieve their dreams